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Suspension flight control method and apparatus
Merle T. Sandage

Suspension flight control method and apparatus Merle T. Sandage

A flight control apparatus for use in an aircraft includes undefined
support structure for suspending a pilot beneath a pair of wings while permitting movement of the pilot relative to the aircraft in the forward, rearward and both lateral directions. A control system is connected between the support structure and the wings for altering the geometries of the wings during flight to vary the drag and lift characteristics of the wings and alter the direction of flight and the speed/performance range of the aircraft in response to movement of the pilot relative to the aircraft in any of the forward, rearward, and lateral directions. The geometries of the wings are altered during flight by moving the leading edges between extended and retracted positions relative to the central longitudinal axis of the aircraft in response to movement of the pilot in the forward, rearward and both lateral directions relative to the aircraft.

Patent number: 5217189
Filing date: Apr 30, 1992
Issue date: Jun 8, 1993
Inventor: Merle T. Sandage


Hang Glider Weekly was publisher  of some key facts on the innovative company Seedwings with founder, designer, inventor Bob Trampenau.  We have strong reason to look to roots of VG --variable geometry-- in Seedwings. The company's  Sensor's fiberglass curved wing tips and the enclosed cross bar were invented by Trampenau and first flown in 1976 and shown in Hang Glider Weekly. He further invented wire braced washout struts in 1978 now used on all topless hang gliders and the wrap-around Mylar leading edge pocket in 1979 all before the UP Comet. Trampenau continued inventing;  and he first HGMA certified the curved wing tip, enclosed cross bar, and an all-wire trailing edge reflex bridle stability system and VG. The wire-braced washout struts and wire-reflex bridles are the two most important stability safety features on today's hang gliders. Another safety-and performance-feature that is significant are the flaps on a hang glider. Seedwings owner Bob Trampenau invented the current flap system in 1992,  and as yet no one has copied it. The Seedwings  trademark is internationally operated out of the headquarters in California.






Parawing Lawrence J. Puckett




  • Abstractundefined
    The deployable wing of the present invention comprises an internal structure having diverging leading edge spars attached to a keel spar and cross spars to form a delta wing configuration. This internal structure is enclosed within a volume defined by a fabric sail having an upper section and a lower section. This fabric sail volume is internally pressurized through a ram air intake at the nose stagnation point. This deployable wing can be folded closed, extracted from an aircraft, deployed in the air and landed with the aid of parachutes.
    Method and apparatus for landing a wing Jeffrey A. Fisher et al
Patent number: 5878979
Filing date: Nov 2, 1995
Issue date: Mar 9, 1999
Inventors: Jeffrey A. Fisher, Edward V. Miller, Dennis Van Dam
  • Since 1995, Laurent de Kalbermatten has experimented inflation systems for all types of wings, in order to obtain the lightest and least cumbersome flying machine possible. Woopy