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Gary Osoba

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  • Early modern hang gliding leader. Otto Member, S-SA.
  • Contributor to S-SA's Low & Slow content
  • Pliable Moose Delta Wing (Region 5, USHGA) of Wichita, Kansas, a former hang glider manufacturing company
  • Thermal Shark, hang glider.
  • President of the Foundation for the Advancement of Micrometeorological Soaring
  • Balloons
  • Fixed wing aircraft
  • Microlift sailplanes
  • Ultralights
  • Helicopters
  • Turbine aircraft
  • Current flying activities center solely around various classes of sailplanes.
  • His achievements in natural flight have been recognized and awarded by the Soaring Society of America, the National Aeronautic Association, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, and the Federation Aeronautique Internationale.
  • He held at one time more general-category world records in gliders than anyone. As happens, others broke some of those records.
  • He has been growing an intuitive feel for microlift opportunities in the atmosphere, coining several terms we are beginning to use.
  • Carbon Dragon exploration of WR-applicable meteorology. Explore also: gGOz1
  • Robert Franklin, artist and hang glider, produced this high quality map--raising the bar for illustrating hang glider flights! Thank you, Robert!Having founded a world-record encampment and coordinating a commission to map in 2001 a gem ---a summary showcase [Robert Franklin, artist and hang glider from Hawaii, produced this high quality map--raising the bar for illustrating hang glider flights! Thank you, Robert!]--of world records in one sector of the world that he identified for the hang gliding community:
    "I really enjoyed founding and now managing this annual event. It allows me the opportunity to coach and teach some of the things I've learned- allowing pilots from all over the world to excel in their efforts."
  • Why Zapata, Texas?
  • World Record Weather
  • Gary Osoba on Flying Far
  • Sparrowhawk sailplane --but FAR 103 ultralight... (rough notes: June 2002 flying.  See this.  )

Gary has
three poems
in this famous anthology.