Tony Prentice diverged from the STANDARD ROGALLOS as did very many other designers to get safer and higher performing and just more fun hang gliders. Dr. George A. Spratt towed his single hang point glider on floats using a motorboat. 1929. [98][99] Such control bar was going to be fit on many members of the class of STANDARD ROGALLOS, essentially begun by Barry Palmer in 1960-61. Wind-tunnel tests and models by NASA were occuring from 1958 onwards. 1908 cable-stayed triangle control frame or bar as we know it today.
James Hobson died April 26, 2013. His unfolding story is occurring HERE.

Tony Prentice with BOTH control methods at hand: control base bar of U and also parallel bars. 2007 Wills Wing Falcon 3 with Spratt-like control bar BUT ADVANCED, click through The Pilcher Bat Glider - 1895


 EnterData +Advancing modern hang gliding Richard Miller in his Conduit Condor  Gary Osoba...exemplary bridge from HG to microlift foot-launch sailplaning. Robert Franklin, artist and hang glider, produced this high quality map--raising the bar for illustrating hang glider flights! Thank you, Robert!Fliegeberg 1895  Courtesy of:   Archives Otto-Lilienthal-Museum / www.lilienthal-museum.deYou are welcome to help develop the Timeline.
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Francis Melvin Rogallo

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Hang Glider Weekly was publisher  of some key facts on the innovative company Seedwings (site hijacked) with founder, designer, inventor Bob Trampenau.  We have strong reason to look to roots of VG --variable geometry-- in Seedwings. The company's  Sensor's fiberglass curved wing tips and the enclosed cross bar were invented by Trampenau and first flown in 1976 and shown in Hang Glider Weekly. He further invented wire braced washout struts in 1978 now used on all topless hang gliders and the wrap-around Mylar leading edge pocket in 1979 all before the UP Comet. Trampenau continued inventing;  and he first HGMA certified the curved wing tip, enclosed cross bar, and an all-wire trailing edge reflex bridle stability system and VG. The wire-braced washout struts and wire-reflex bridles are the two most important stability safety features on today's hang gliders. Another safety-and performance-feature that is significant are the flaps on a hang glider. Seedwings owner Bob Trampenau invented the current flap system in 1992,  and as yet no one has copied it. The Seedwings  trademark is internationally operated out of the headquarters in California.


1898 Control bar and Swing Seat for Hang Glider:

1908 Cable-stayed Triangle Control Bar or A-frame for Hang Gliders: W. Simon
thereafter after his "protected by law" ran its course:  all for public domain for the rest of the century and beyond!

1911 Control bar:

    Hang gliding and paragliding can be the most rewarding and thrilling sports available, and can be done for a lifetime. However, these sports can be done in safety only with proper training, appropriate equipment and sound judgment, based on experience. If you try hang gliding or paragliding without proper training or equipment, you are putting yourself in danger of serious injury and death.
            Jaco Herbst (Taiwan) 

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