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From Tony Prentice:

As a boy I was interested in flying and I built various model aircraft and kites mostly of my own design.

The largest kite built in 1960 had a wing span of approx 17' and was capable of lifting a boy in strong winds. It was also used as a glider being launched from 2m high sheds and shorts glides made. The pilot was hung beneath the glider on a webbing bridle and support lines. The airframe was constructed from bamboo.

1963/4 a hang glider based on the designs of Otto Lilienthal and Percy Pilcher was built and test flown from the same sheds. The airframe was constructed from bamboo and used piano wire for supporting the wings.

1968-72 the Lilienthal type was rebuilt and two weeks of trials held at Brasted in Kent.
Flights of up to 15secs were made with some height gains in ridge lift.

1969-72 a hang glider based on the Ryan Flex-Wing (Rogallo) was built.
Due to very porous material the wing area had to be increased to give sufficient lift.
Control: Two: pendulum weight shift and positional parallel bars.
See image, caption, and comment.
See: Three flight photos:  01   02   03

1972-1974 a number of Rogallo types built using aluminium airframes and seated harness.

1974-1975 Mk I and Mk II split wing designs based on sail boat type jib and mainsail.
Similar plan form to that of the Platz sailwing. Capable of very slow flight and ridge soaring in light wind conditions with stable flight characteristics.

1976-1977 Mk III split wing briefly tested but was unstable and no further tests made.
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1977-1978 Manufactured Wills Wings under licence in the UK .

1981 mated a South Downs Sailwings 12m Sigma to a trike.

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2003 at Cranfield, UK . taken by Tony Prentice

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TP01  Location:- Darenth sand pit.
Keel push from Derek launches me off the side of the sand pit.

TP02  Location:- Brasted
Slope soaring

TP04  Location:- Darenth sand pit

TP07  Location:-Darenth sand pit
Working the shallow slope

TP08 Location:- Brasted
Novice pilot trying out a ground loop - no damage done to pilot or glider

TP10  Location:- Darenth sand pit
Into flight

TP15  Location:-Darenth sand pit
Launch with assisted keel push

TP20  Location:- Darenth sand pit
Pre-flight checks

TP21 Location:- Brasted
Too much push out by novice flyer but wing still flying at very high AoA.

TP22   Location:- Brasted
Preparing to launch

TP24  Location: Brasted
Skimming down the slope



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