Patents      This list is not comprehensive; there are many patents applicable to kite-generation of electricity that play in the investigation and development.   Many active patents affecting kites generating electricity are not yet shown; especially, the deep sector of windmill patents holds electricity-generation teachings that informs systems that use kite energy.   Other patents that readers find applicable, please send to   Editor@UpperWindpower.com    
7317261 Power generating apparatus by Andrew Martin Rolt
Filed: Jul 25, 2006
Issued: Jan 8, 2008
7129596 Hovering wind turbine by  Aleandro Soares Macedo
Filed: Oct 31, 2004
Issued: Oct 31, 2006
6781254 Windmill kite  by Bryan William Roberts
Filed: Oct 17, 2002
Issued: Aug 24, 2004

Serpentine wind turbine  by Douglas Spriggs Selsam

Filed: Jun 14, 2001
Issued: Sep 9, 2003
6523781 Axial-mode linear wind-turbine  by Gary Dean Ragner Filed: Aug 29, 2001
Issued: Feb 25, 2003
6809430 Conveyor-type fluid energy-harnessing apparatus by Jurgen Diederich
Related later application   Fluid Energy-Harnessing Apparatus
Filed: Mar 4, 2003
Issued: Oct 26, 2004
4302684 Apparatus for extracting energy from winds at high altitudes by David H. Shepard Filed: Apr 28, 1982
Issued: Feb 25, 1986
Watercraft Having a Kite-Like Element  by  Stephan Wrage
Application number
: 11/662,022
Publication number: US 2007/0261624 A1
Sep 5, 2005
Positioning Device for a Free-Flying Kite-Type Wind-Attacked element in a wind-powered watercraft  by  Stephan Wrage
Application number
: 11/578,817
Publication number: US 2007/0272141 A1
Apr 19, 2005
7183663 Precisely controlled flying electric generators by Bryan William Roberts of NSW, Australia and David Hammond Shepard of California, USA Filed: Aug 17, 2004
Issued: Feb 27, 2007
7109598 Precisely controlled flying electric generators III   by Bryan William Roberts of NSW, Australia and David Hammond Shepard of California, USA  
6849963 Extracting power from moving water      
"by reversing the direction of thrust"
Filed May 3, 2004
US20080231058  Application    Kite Power Generator Document Type and Number :United States Patent Application 20080231058 Kind Code:A1
Abstract:  The Kitepower Generator uses one or more kites that go through a oscillating cycle of motion creating varying forces on their tether lines. These varying forces are converted into rotation, using a crankshaft. The cycle of motion may be driven by the inherent kite design or through the action of two or more tether lines connected to a crankshaft. The pull from the lines is stronger when they pull out and weaker when they are being pulled in. The cycle of motion may involve flapping, swirling, waving, swooping, veering or feathering. Several kites may be connected or combined into a single composite kite. Efficiency is higher with three or more lines so that one is always pulling out strongly. Various techniques keep kites aloft in still or stormy weather.

Nicholson, Kit (Kirkby Lonsdale, GB)
Nicholson, Hamish (Carlisle, GB)
Ricketts, Marc (Portland, OR, US)

4251040 Wind driven apparatus for power generation by  Miles L. Loyd  
4486669 Wind generator kite system  by Paul F. Pugh  
3987987 Self-erecting windmill  
application Wind energy production using kites and ground mounted power generators   by Gordon Bruce Kingsley 2003
4415312 Traverse-axis fluid turbine by Ben Brenneman   
6254034 Tethered aircraft system for gathering energy from wind by Howard G. Carpenter Filed: Sep 20, 1999
Issued: Jul 3, 2001
Application number: 11/164,512   Aerial wind power generation system  by Gaylord G. Olson  
5909859 Multi-rotor kite glider by Stephen J. Janicki  
7014149 Traction kite design Peter Robert Lynn  
3428277 Gliding parachute by William J. Everette, Jr.  
6914345 Power Generation     by   John R Webster  
  Kite Power Generator  
2107808 Kite        Willem H. A. G. van Ittersum
(Netherlands)         Same earlier in France
1937 Jan 27
4076190 Apparatus for extracting energy from winds at significant height above the surface   by Lambros Lois A: Feb 28, 1978
4124182 Wind driven energy system Nov 7, 1978
4166596 Airship power turbine Sep 4, 1979
4251040 Wind driven apparatus for power generation Feb 17, 1981
4309006 Tethered airfoil wind energy conversion system  by Lloyd I. Biscomb Filed: Jun 4, 1979
Issued: Jan 5, 1982
4313059 Sea current energy system Jan 26, 1982
4470563 Airship-windmill Sep 11, 1984
4572962 Apparatus for extracting energy from winds at high altitudes Feb 25, 1986
4659940 Power generation from high altitude winds Apr 21, 1987
4730119 Sail-driven wind motor Mar 8, 1988
5150859 Wingtip turbine Sep 29, 1992
5484257 Wind energy device Jan 16, 1996
6072245 Wind-driven driving apparatus employing kites   by Wubbo Johannes Ockels Filed: Nov 12, 1997
Issued: Jun 6, 2000
6254034 Tethered aircraft system for gathering energy from wind Jul 3, 2001
6523781 Axial-mode linear wind-turbine Feb 25, 2003
6555931 Renewable energy systems using long-stroke open-channel reciprocating engines Apr 29, 2003
6866230 Apparatus for and method of flying two-line steerable kites Mar 15, 2005
6914345 Power generation Jul 5, 2005
7188808 Aerial wind power generation system and method by Gaylord G. Olson Mar 13, 2007
7275719 Wind drive apparatus for an aerial wind power generation system Oct 2, 2007
3463420 Inflatable wing  
 Keith Stewart    of UK   
The US related: Inflatable articles and method of creating inflatable products
US filing:
May 21, 1990
4533099 Kite    by Keith Stewart of  UK F: Sep 24, 1982
5433401 Airfoil shaped kite with aileron extensions Marc C. Ricketts  
692714 Windmill FD: Oct 23, 1901
691875 Text not availableMusical kite by Henry Rowland Saunders FD: Oct 31, 1901
5056447 Rein-deer kite by Gaudencio A. Labrador FD: Oct 13, 1988
6513759  Sports Kites by David Starbuck  
4186314 High efficiency wind power machine  by Richard E. Diggs Filed: Jul 13, 1978
Issued: Jan 29, 1980
4110631  Wind-driven generator  by  Edmund L. Salter  
2613283 VIBRATION TRANSDUCER ASSEMBLY  by Samuel M.Bagno Filed: Dec 9, 1948
Issued: Oct 7, 1952

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