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Water and Kite Systems

Methods and costs of fetching water from earth's atmosphere for making hydrogen aloft for use as buoyant gas in some AWES?
  • water      Our main folder on Water and Kite Systems.
    • Resource in its kinetic energy as flow or wave
    • Insert paravanes as anchors to AWECS
    • Electrolyze and use hydrogn when peak consumption of energy is needed.
    • Away from shore for installations
    • Store energy by raising water head.            hydraulic head
    • hydrophobic, or water-repelling        Hydrophobe
    • hydrophilic, or water loving.   hydrophile
    • v
    • v
  • waterAWE, waterAWECS, water AWE, water AWECS, hydroAWE, hydro AWE
  • water battery  (distinguish kinds of water batteries. Here we intend to consider water-head's potential energy as a battery. A dam has this quality; a tank of water holds potential energy by virtue of its height above drop point. Kites pumping water to load a high tank or reservoir stores energy; releasing the water back down to a lower tank can be used to drive an electric generator.)
    water battery AWE
  • WaterBattery AWE
  • wbAWE     water-battery AWE
  • water-kite
  • water currents
  • water-from-air     water from air using kite systems
  • "water from air for hydrogen production aloft"
  • water gliders
  • water kites     Article     waterKite     See paravane, hapa, hydrofoil,
  • water mill, hydromill,
  • water-moving kite system    M140
  • water-pumping kite system   M140
  • water relaunchable kite  AWECS at sea during calm may have kite rest on water surface only to be relaunchable upon breeze return. Automatic relaunch off water is a target.
  • Waters, John.   John Waters :: spinsock, Spin Sock , kite traction     Ref1

Water-ski kiting and aqua-kiting mix, aqua-kites, agua gliders, ski kites, etc.

  • Paul Updike, 1951
  • Vern C.     _______ spelling needs confirmation.
  • Ken Tibado and his selling of plans
  • Popular Science Aug 1968; Who Says Flying is for the Birds? 
  • Build and fly this fabulous Ski Kite    Popular Science Aug 1968     Article by Al Lees; he also flew for TV Johnny Carson show of the sport.
  • Eddy "flat kites"
  • Rogallo delta kites, ski kites,
  • Modified Eddy "flat" kites, not really flat.
  • Glenn Calvert on Rogallo-Ryan delta flex-wing in 1974 
  • World Delta Kite Flying Championships
  • Hal Elgin of St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • Bill Bennett
  • Bill Moyes
  • John Revelle
  • John Dickenson using public-domain arts was fooled into accepting an unmerited global mechanical invention untenable hoax title pushed by GH.
  • Sarasota Ski-A-Rees
  • Marina Jack
  • Cypress Gardens
  • 1955 report
  • 1958 report
  • System used was embodied in the mechanics shown by John Worth, Thomas H. Purcell, James Hobson, Mike Burns, Barry Hill Palmer, Charles Richards, Effinger, Craigo, Girard, Rogallo, and others.
  • Dave Broyles
  • Pat Conrad          Carter Lake, Iowa
  • Rudy Kishazy;  Mt. LeBlanc, France
  • Japan delta kiters
  • Calvert estimated in 1974 : 10,000 delta kiters.  In 1974, Calvert was quoted in the newspaper: "Most of the Florida kiters fly behind boats, " say Calvert. "In California and other states with high mountains, free-falling from mountain peaks is almost as popular as free-falling after letting go of a boat's towrope."  Calvert showed that he did not know about Palmer, Purcell, Hobson, Burns, and the pilots of the Richards delta wing ... all before May 1963, some way before.
  • Exhibition at Sunshine Skyway in 1974.  (try April 1974).

  • water table
  • water vapor    wiki/Water_vapor
    • use kite systems to collect water from the atmosphere. Use the gained water for various purposes.
    • v
  • water-wave kites   Main folder: HERE.
  • water wingmill 



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