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Lift  September 2011

(Non-airframed string-controlled canopy free-flight piloted kites are invited to explore the PDMC.
Are there feasible affordable  practical workarounds?
We call for scientific papers on this and other matters.)

Notes are welcome during the month from all;
give some lift to an aspect of hang gliding =>

Editorial: Be ready to explore BHL for PG, for unmanned kiting,  and also for specially-framed L&S HGs   : ).   Step at a time.  I like your pattern of bridling the partial second surface (P2S).   You have going a single-skin-partial-double-surface SSP2S wing.  There will be fully limp and variously-stiffened versions ... a whole spectrum of choices for exploration.  Your 1992 simple-skin and now the BHL opens the door to a big future of simple and non-simple SSP2S wing things.  The simple will have its important play.  And hundreds of non-simple skins will have their play.  The space is ripe for very much innovation, exploration, and testing.  Non-simple skins of the coming future will include transparency, reflection, billboards, self-healing, smart porosity, solar-energy capture, lighted, robust region self-sensing, turbulence visualization send-receive, fliking tenting, and much more. Inventors of the world, consider playing in Simple-skin SSP2S and Non-simple SSP2S.  Dave Barish, at least, put the P2S tech function into gliding and kites; you BarretinaHyperLite and others like XXLite are part of this P2S flow.  Fun times.      ~JoeF



  • What fun!      Historian Neil Larson forwarded Ken de Russy's special find, the Collector Guy does it again. Neil gives Ken 100 points!

    Wow! Ken and Neil,
    Ken, great find!  Neil gives Ken 100 points. I second that.
    Hats off to you and your collecting, Ken de Russy, Hang Gliding Museum (to whom I gave most of my early archives) !
    1. Mike Koman and I collaborated on designing the cross-sparless bowsprit wing.
    2. I specified the sail directly to Dick Eipper's loft for construction of the sail.
    3. Mike and I built the wing in my Venice backyard.
    4. I test flew the wing in the CA high desert as did Mike.
    5. The project was a 3-day quickie.
    6. Adverse yaw on film day. Crew: 73 producer people. Simi Valley.
    7. Shower shot took 13 hours.
    This is my first view of that commercial since 1973.
    Ken is the Collector Guy!
    And thanks, Neil, Historian Guy, USHGA #24, for bringing it forward to me to share.
    Will post links.
    What fun!
          The "harness" was 3/4 diameter raw hemp rope; I tied the knots and lengths to "fit". Ouch! Many flights that morning and evening on the Simi Valley hill, as the producer needed sunrise and sunset shots. Long day. The following day or so was a 13-hour shower scene take; they confirmed that I had no acting ability and to keep my day job; they had to stop me from singing in the shower takes as they played music. The residuals of a bit over $7,000. went to buy a larger printing press and equipment to continue Hang Glider issues in a larger format, thus the change in size from the first 24 Low & Slow to the larger next 12 issues and the the large HG issues (about 180 more editions).

    The Dial Soap bird was not a Seagull item. It was Mike Koman and myself in design, build, and test; we hired Dick Eipper to quickly build the sail to our specs. From start to finish: three days to meet producer's schedule. Two leading edge tubes and one keel; no crossbar; the three tubes were stayed to front of keel (bowsprit style), to kingpost, and to TCF (triangle control frame--Breslau 1908, Spratt before Igor Bensen 1954c, Burns 1962, JD 1963, etc.). Nylon ripstop sail for pricing/availability response from Dick, instead of Dacron. Joanne Faust fed and greeted the excited team at our home; she also assisted at the fly-field. In a different field in Simi Valley, Joanne flew Bob Lovejoy's first Quicksilver hang glider; one of her flights is pictured in Low & Slow: http://www.energykitesystems.net/Lift/2010/2010novLIFTpage8.html
    Mike Koman had a HG design run in Pennsylvania; then he visited the whole spectrum of Southern California HG activity; we would HG brainstorm together many times at our Venice home.

    BCC sharing with: Ken de Russy, Neil Larson, Joanne Faust, Bob Trampenau, Tony Prentice, and my son and two daughters, Joe Greblo, Greg DeWolf, Cyndia Zumpft, Frank Colver USHGA#7, Mike Markowski, Dan Poynter, Davis Straub, Eddie Paul, Bob Kuczewski, M. Dasa (Mike Koman), PJ, ShaneSoaring, Mike Meier, Steve Thomas, Steve Corbin, Alex Morillo, Bill Moyes, Bob Bendetson, Barry Hill Palmer, Bill Liscomb, Pere Casellas, Chris Fogg, Dave Lang, Dave Culp, Dan Parker, Eleta, Gary Osoba, John Heiney, Rob and Dianne McKenzie, John Oyebanji, Rick Masters, Tad Eareckson, Jonathan,
    ===>>>>On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 11:22 AM, Neil Larson wrote:
    Super rare vintage "OLD" 70's "DIAL SOAP TV Commercial -
    Hang Gliding themed Dial Soap Commercial

    Ken, what is the backstory of how you obtained a copy of the commercial?

     [[]ANSWER:     Hi Shane,
    Ken just answered the same query; it turns out that I had given him my copy of the commercial in my giving my HG stuff to him in 1980s.
    Hey Joe,
    Now for the backstory - I got it from you! It just took me this long to jump through all the tech hoops to get it to YouTube. Everything I do I do on a shoestring. I nearly never solve challenges by buying gear. I wait until the gear falls in to my hands at garage sales. I just recently picked up a DVD recorder to transfer my VHS. I just found the software to manipulate the DVD content and so I am just starting to select material to post out of my 500 hours of content I have on video.

    I knew you would be pleased and you did not disappoint with your enthusiastic comments! Thank you so much for the support you give to my work.

    Ken de Russy


    Lift to all and yours,
    ~~ JoeF

    Ken's YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/weflyuniv    Count: 24.videos.

    Great piece of history, guys,
    and actually a really good commercial.
    It inspired me when it aired.  
    Great to see it.     Joe Greblo




  • Do you have the measures?           Sept. 27, 2011
    Hi Barry,
    When you get a chance to describe the importance of the partial second surface of the XXLite, that would be helpful. One may approximate the measure of that partial second surface from the video; such allows a leading-edge formation that is important. Barish had the partial second-surface tech in the early 1960s making that function and tech into public domain. I have not yet seen the measurements yet on that partial second surface (P2SPG). Safety-wise the matter is strongly distinct from actual single-surface wings, as pitchy parameter is far different. Let us know if the measures come across your view. Thanks!
    Best to you and yours,

    Discussion in US Hawks:    P2SPG and P2SHG Partial Second Surface


  • Night on the Ground a Day in the Open
    By Doug Robinson


  • Chanute Prize 1896
  • Praying
  • deltaplane - tf1 Coupe de France des clubs delta 2011 à Accous
  • A crazy but awesome flight       Discuss..
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballooning_(spider)
  • Tommy Link exploration     All are welcome.
  • Remora Racks    Discuss.     Mike Barber
  • Batteries in the HG environment?        Discuss. Study.
  • Bettsometer testing.    "Betts test"  Betts meter.   Caring for wing sails. 
  • Zac 'Zippy' Majors  at Torrey. Incident.  Four minutes unconscious. He is reporting that he will be fine. Davis reminds all that concussions may have long-term effects. Zippy noted insufficient respect for a known rotor. Post-concussion cares.
  • Discus owner's manual  5.33MB PDF  
  • http://tinyurl.com/TCFof1954HGrotarySelfKiteGlide Igor Bensen in 1954 with rotary HG that is kite launched and used TCF, hung pilot, weight-shift control.  Wt: 86 lb and Pilot wt: 210 lb  $100. Note the JD did gyro-kiting before he did the Rogallo ski kite.  The 1908 Breslau TCF reached into the Bensen deal as well as the JD deal, no matter the local stories.
  • Earlier yet for Bensen for 1946 TCF with G-E Gyro-Glider TCF Bensen 1946   When JD received plans and built and flew his Bensen gyro-kite, the depth of prior Bensen TCF weight-shift control and hung pilot behind the frame TCF was there.  Echo of the 1908 Breslau TCF functions for hung-pilot kite-gliders. Mike Burns used the TCF and hung pilot in Rogallo-Paresev-Ryan winged SkiPlane in Australia prior to JD. Huge TCF flow right in JD himself prior to starting the Grafton ski kite-glider.  
  • http://mavericklsa.com/     [tag: Paramontante related ]
  • Strobe light, excellent reply by NMErider.
  • God is my Lift.
  • PGpatents group founded September 2011. All are welcome.
  • PG videos        for string-controlled canopy-dominant hang gliding videos; send your choices and comments..
  •   On the Minimum Induced Drag of Wings Albion H. Bowers of NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
  • Trip Mellinger    (regarding historical flight: "There was an eclipse that day in the middle of the channel on the way over. Made it even more interesting. We were below the fog deck though and could not see it. Got sorta dark lol.")
  • Glider Rider publisher in mid 1970s

  • The Glossary has received a new entry. All in aviation are invited to help polish the text of the entry:
    PDMC     SeeHere.    Variable region above ground level where limp-canopy gliders of single surface (SS) or partial-double (P2S) or double surface (DS) have not enough time/altitude to use rescue parachutes when windfield helicities or turbulence and perhaps pilot inputs have the limp-canopy paraglider in a form (severe cravatting, collapse, gift-wrap, compound folding, etc.) that is no longer flying well enough to halt a severe falling; such results in severe injuries and death. Just how often such no-recourse arrangement is reached in paragliding is a matter under grave study.
    http://www.energykitesystems.net/0/KITESA/FAQelectric/glossary/p.html#fallcertain is this note. Critique and sharpening of this glossary entry is invited from all in aviation who care about this matter.

  • Parawing and associated single-layer paraglider notes
  • 70's Homemade Hang Glider   Rare old 8 mm film from - Coyote Hills , San Francisco, Ca circa 1970's ( date not known)? early homemade Ragollo - Hang Glider -
    Link contributed by Neil Larson 
     [[tag: Rogallo hang glider using generally the paraglider wing studied carefully by NASA in early 1960s ]]
  • Wills Wing Factory Time Lapse        link contributed by Neil Larson.        Thanks, Neil!
  •   Big Sur Hang Gliding 2010     
  • "Big Sur 2011" is coming up
           Here are the event details:
           Date/Time: Friday, September 23, 2011, 11 AM
                 to Sunday, September 25, 2011, 12 PM
           Location: Plaskett Creek Campground
           Notes: Mark your calendars now!
  • Cycle plane with TCF ?
  • v




  • v
  • v
  • v
  • Free-flight kite gives birth to a free-flight kite Skydive from paraglider in Oludeniz - Babadag
  • Fly the air; your wing knows nothing about objects, hills, trees, etc.

  • LAUNCH_ArtificialRamp_France_VL_1999_06_p49
  • http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-7Th0WRBcTUk/Tiq3C9L-7GI/AAAAAAAAIgY/Th9xLF6zmfM/s1600/IMG_3430.jpg
  • http://ozreport.com/pub/images/CUMULUS.STREETS.jpg
  • http://youtu.be/TBYH1LomlLc             [[ TCFsc ]]
  • Tyrus Wong
  • Examination of a particular web site and PDMC
    formed by Richard Masters

  • Hi everybody,          Notice: 10 Sept 2011  (Southern California)
    The Big Sur trip is fast approaching and while this email is primarily focused on this trip, I want to make sure you are all aware of some other activities coming in the next couple of months and how you can be involved. Please note that I only have email addresses for 72 pilots, so if you speak to someone who hasn’t received this email, please have them contact me if they would like to be on my list or if you want to be off this list, let me know and I will remove you from future mailings. I pretty much only send blanket emails around the Big Sur trip but I would like all the pilots to be aware of the variety of Club and Windsports activities coming up, and especially new Hang 2’s who may not yet be attuned to looking on the Pilot Forum - http://www.shga.com/forum/phpBB2/index.php .

    The weekend after Big Sur (October 1) is the club’s annual Dahlsten Cup and Chili Contest - http://shga.com/forum/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2694  . If you can assist Lynn with the planning and execution please contact her directly at lynn.meetings@att.net . This year we are asking pilots to bring ‘hang gliding related yard sale items’ - meaning if you have equipment you no longer use and would like to sell, please bring it to the LZ on the 1st, offer it for sale (could be an auction style, or if you have a specific price, note it) and donate a portion of the sale price to the club. This is an excellent way to recycle equipment you no longer need, gives other pilots a chance to purchase functional gear, and make some money for the club – win/win/win for everyone! Another favorite activity, the rules for the Chili Contest are posted at http://shga.com/forum/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2706 . Come out and vote for your favorite, even better enter your incredible chili in the contest and vote for your own! The more participants, the better. And of course, there will be great prizes for the flying competitions going on all day!

    December 3rd is the SHGA Holiday Party. It will be held at the Encino Recreation Center in the evening and is a wonderful time for families to get together and reminisce about the year gone by. A beloved individual is always honored but you won’t know who it is unless you come to the event! Lynn will post additional information at www.shga.com  as the event gets closer. That evening, we will also be holding a Silent Auction with items from a wide variety of companies and individuals to raise money for the Club. I already have commitments from several vendors but could really use your help in providing a broad spectrum of items and services. Most of you have probably been to a silent auction but if not it is very simple - items or services are donated and then purchased by folks attending the event. If you have a talent or skill that you would be willing to offer (ie: if you are a masseuse and willing to donate a massage, that is a perfect example) or if you have a favorite restaurant, shop, etc that would be willing to donate gift cards or items, that would be great too. Please contact me if you can provide an item or service. If you would like to help with the evening, please contact Lynn at lynn.meetings@att.net  for the party side and me - czumpft@singular.com  for the silent auction.

    And last, I have only gotten three responses for whether the Club should host a Parachute clinic – details at http://www.shga.com/forum/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2656 . Please let me know (or post a reply on the forum) if you would like to see a clinic to be held in February 2012.

    Now for Big Sur! Information also available on the Pilot Forum at http://www.shga.com/forum/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=2655

    Kat Shaw heroically managed to get five spots reserved starting Thursday night, 9/22! Without her, there would be no spots this year as another group was rapidly grabbing them all. Please thank her when you see her! I have attached a copy of the map. Kat was able to reserve spots 29, 43, 35, 36, 37. Yes, we know the spots are not contiguous but they are all that was available in April when we could reserve. IF you are going up early on Thursday, please try and get a First Come spot as we really need the parking spaces. The cost of the space is $25 per night and you will be reimbursed out of the funds collected for the spots and food. Kat and Richard will be parking in 29 and saving their second parking spot for Joe who will be arriving Friday evening; I will be in spot 43 with BJ since we have all the food and cooking utensils. So Thursday drivers, please check into 35, 36 or 37 (or get another spot if possible). We have spot 29 also reserved for Monday night if anyone (besides the Shaw’s and me) are staying over.

    All participants: Please remember that this is a WINDSPORTS sponsored trip. Joe has been taking students and pilots up there for about 30 years and has worked hard to establish and maintain a great working relationship with the Forest Service and Campground. Please represent our sport and Windsports in such a manner that the Forest Service and Campground folks look forward to us coming every year.

    Currently the cost of the trip will be $30 for those pilots staying 3 nights and $25 for those staying 2. The price is subject to change but should not go up. It just depends on how many pilots actually come (about 10 more than we expected came last year) and how many spaces we end up with. Please pay me and make sure I mark you down on my list. Last year everyone was terrific and I didn’t have to hound anyone J! If you need the detailed information regarding this trip (ie costs, directions, phone numbers, etc), let me know and I’ll send it to you. NOTE: Last year there was no potable water and I have not been able to confirm whether they have it working yet so please plan to bring at least 1 gallon of water per person per day just in case.

    Following is the list of the pilots I have heard from. If you are coming and are NOT on this list, please rsvp to me asap! BJ needs a head count so we have enough food for breakfasts and lunches. There are still vehicles with room for pilots and gear, please let me know immediately if you need a ride. The fewer cars up there the better. (Want list, contact Cyndia)

  • Hello Fellow Hawks,
    Just a quick reminder about our Second Sunday
    Fly-In at Torrey tomorrow (September 11, 2011).
    The forecast shows slightly SW before noon moving
    through straight west in the afternoon and NW in the
    evening. The strength isn't "epic", but might be flyable
    for a good part of the afternoon. I'll be there with our
    standard sandwiches, snacks, and sodas for most of
    the afternoon. We haven't had any other nominations
    for officers, so please show up if you're interested in
    any club officer positions.

    Thanks again for supporting hang gliding at Torrey Pines.

    Bob Kuczewski
    Club Secretary - Torrey Hawks Hang Gliding Club


  • What say you? (click to see image)
  • +
  • "Germany is the birth place of hang gliding.       It was in Germany that the first modern hang gliding wings were designed and flown; it was in Germany that the first hang gliding soaring flights were achieved and where the sport of hang gliding received its first professional recognition, where first serial hang glider production took place. Otto Lilienthal had collapsible portable pilot-carriable hang gliders.  The realization of the dream to fly like a bird is Germany gift to the world. "     Template for England? Template for France?    Australia was way late on matters.     ~~ JpF
    What say you?

    • A reply:  Discussion--------Birth of Modern Hang Gliding-
      There may be no contest concerning the location of "Modern Hang Gliding"- - The term "Hang Gliding" was coined (first) during the 1971 era of the 123rd Otto Meet in Newport Beach. The actual term was printed (first) in the National Geographic magazine which featured the coverage of the May 23rd 1971 event. One would enjoy seeing evidence of earlier printed material with this distinct term (HANG GLIDING) used prior to the article in National Geographic -

      Also, there is the distinct and separate detailed issue of one single pilot flying one air ship- as opposed to the Modern Sport of Hang Gliding where several hang gliders of a variety of designs take part in a competitive sporting challenge to be awarded certificates of completion and active participation for distinct events and accomplishments.

      Also, one could well contest the issue of referring to any flights by Otto Lilienthal during his life as being of any "Modern era."

      The primary focus of any discussion of Modern Sport Hang Gliding should center on two distinct issues which distinctly set it apart from most of the early human airship test flights of past history-
      1)- The availability of more than one human-carrying aircraft present at the alleged location.
      2)- Competition between these aircraft by individuals for performance ranking or other form of contest where awards or certificates were documented and awarded to these individuals.

      This is the basic concept of Competitive Sport, as opposed to test flight of aircraft - Major General Chuck Yeager was not involved with "sport" when he piloted the X-15, nor was Otto Lilienthal entertaining competition between other pilots when he flew his early gliders. Remember ... "You Can't Play Tennis By Yourself !" Hitting a rubber ball against a garage door with a racket does not make you a Tennis Player!

      Thank you for your continued support -
      USHGA charter member #24 ~~~~ Neil Larson                    Sept. 14, 2011
    • [...Next reply on topic? ]
  • Hello Fellow Hawks,

    In addition to our normal "Second Sunday" fly in, we also
    held our 2011 annual club meeting and election this past

    The weather wasn't great, but we had several Hawks flying.
    I've posted some photos from the event at our forum:


    It turns out that every hang glider flying on Sunday was a
    member of the Torrey Hawks ... 100%!! : )

    The big news from the meeting was the election of our new
    Torrey Hawks President - Brian McMahon!! Thanks to Brian
    for stepping up. Thanks also to Joe Spinney for his year at the
    helm of the Hawks. It's important that we continue to widen
    our tent by by diversifying our leadership. Thanks to both for
    helping us do that.

    There were no other nominations for either Vice President or
    Secretary, so David Beardslee and I will continue in those roles
    for another year. All 3 officers were unanimously approved.

    Finally, I've attached a photo of our new Torrey Hawks President
    at Torrey - both on the ground and in the air. I look forward to a
    year of growth with Brian leading the way.

    Thanks to all for your membership.

    Bob Kuczewski
    Club Secretary - Torrey Hawks Hang Gliding Club

  • Don Liddard   
    1. Percy Pilcher Hawk
    2. https://profiles.google.com/donliddard#donliddard/about
  • Clearly envisioning muscle-powered aviation: T. A. Stark

  • Dennis Pagen on avoiding storms of flight
  • Single-surface governable gliding canopies
    for kites, manned glider kite systems, unmanned payload glider-kite systems: Rogallo Wing, parawing, parachutes, Allison PGs, playsail, Barish Sailwing, NASA parawing of the unsticked sort,

    Double-surface ram-air: Jalbert parafoil family in all sectors of kiting: gliding kites, kites, powered kites, PGs

    Single-surface stiffened canopies for kiting and free-flight kite gliding are in priors, present, and will be in futures.

    Bring on focus on single-surface free-flight kite gliders of both branches: full limp and stiffened into the PG world; such are among the foci of LIFT.


  • Tony,           Sept. 16, 2011
    Encourage you to craft carefully a new topic dedicated to your idea of using RC to seek thermals, their edges, etc.. Consider using RC also to help define windfield at launch and landing spaces. Consider the potential of micro-servants out there to feed info automatically. The servants might even be programmed to automatically fly a prescribed distance from us. As we progress, the servant keeps a certain distance at a compass point we set. Have several servants out there. This might run into problems when we have buddies in the same airs. Neat.
    Best of lift to you and yours,


  • Jimmy Leeward.  Bye!   Reno Air Show disaster. Sept. 16, 2011.  The Galloping Ghost. Condolences to Jimmy's family and friends. And peace to all those who died today. Condolences to all who took losses today at the show.


  • Paragliders run a reach into single-surface, double-surface, small, large, low-aspect ratio, high-aspect ratio, fully limp canopy, stiffened canopy, rigidized canopy, and more.
    Paragliders are a subset of hang gliders and a subset of kite systems, whereas there are some hang gliders that are not kite systems.

  • Seeing the wind helicities that affect launching, landing, and flight within the PDMC? Visualization? Instruments? Indicators?

  • http://www.expandingknowledge.com/Jerome/PG/Skill/All/J_Tips/English.htm

  • Sep 1 2011:  Caner Güler, 27, tandem passenger Badadag, Fethiye, TURKEY VIDEOS    Fell from harness at 700 m during professional tandem flight. “We asked several questions about safety before jumping, but the pilots wanted to hurry and told us we were asking too many questions,” said Miray Guler. The wife of two years, after witnessing his fall, suffered a nervous breakdown and was taken to the hospital in a state of shock. The victim was a mechanical engineer. The pilot Murat Sait Yeşilbaçar was arrested and accused of gross negligence. His equipment was confiscated.

  • Jeb Corliss " Grinding The Crack"   Wingsuit flight used as a launch method for gliding-string-controlled gliding canopy flight.  

  • Dip foil.  Spray foil. Wrap foil.  Roll-form foil.    Posted in Foildesign, Spet. 12, 2011.

  • I have read all the related incident reports, analyzed the contributing factors,  and accepted that _______(activity)________  is worth the risk of serious injury or death.  Risk management, risk awareness, lowering risks,

  • Manufacturers of a limp-canopy FL glider lures buyers with
    "durable and able to take off in all kinds of conditions."     

  • http://www.parachutehistory.com/military/abcreed.html

  • Woopy flying, Woopy Jump flying,

  • Seaglider

    Re: SeaGlider Progress


    Hello Joe.
    We did a new flight a week ago.
    You can see it on www.seaglider.fr on page movie 3
    have fun,

    Le 23 août 2011 à 19:31, Joe Faust a écrit :

    You are most welcome to tell all stories about your air adventures.
    You are invited to be joined in forum AirborneWindEnergy
    in Yahoo Groups. We are featuring your adventures, but need your
    original inputs.

    Joe Faust
    aka JoeF

    Stephane Rousson
    Tel : 00 33 (0)6 03 83 82 76
  • Stefan Haase   Kingsbury paraglider crosses the Sierra Nevada
  • Aerojet
    FIRST (Fabrication of Inflatable Re-entry Structures for Test) AeroJet project to evaluate the use of inflatable Rogallo wings.   "paraglider" was used by many in the industry for specialized gliders.  "Material for the glider used an ultra-fine filament super alloy wire fabric impregnated with elastomeric silicone matrix material. "
  • v
  • v
  • v
  • thread-puff parahangglider
    The thread-puff parahangglider does not yet have a large user base. The concept involves a huge puff of very fine micro threads that have wrinkle. From flatland launch points let dust devils place the upper puff into flow; hope for solid thermal capture of the upper puff; be pulled aloft. Have wireless control of the wrinkle sets and the electrostatic status of the thread to control spread. Go downwind. For landing, zap the threads for good spread (repulsion) and good wrinkle set as needed.

    Cousins to these parahanggliders are the spiders that self-kite; they are often called ballooning spiders, but they are actually using free-flight kite system tactics by using thread-puff strands; the spiders involved get good XC downwind, sometimes crossing large bodies of water to inhabit new territories. The paraglider basic shape has not run its course.
    1== http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ballooning_(spider)
    2 == http://tinyurl.com/LIFTforBallooningSpiderPGsys

    YouTube Link
  • v
  • http://carboneagle.blogspot.com/
  • OZONE venture is NOT using single-surface airfoil as first told.   XXLite is kewl, but it is not a SSPG, as the aerodynamic stream separation show vast thickness where the aerodynamic top surface is at the top of that thickness and the aerodynamic bottom surface material is highly evident. The top surface is far away from the bottom surface in the frontal region of the airfoil.  It is highly recommended to reserve "single-surface" for true single-surface airfoiled wings.  Dilution of the term is discouraged, as such detracts from true single-surface wings.    ~~JoeF     Sept. 19, 2011.     
          What say you?
  • Scooter Tow & Landing Practice
  • Participate in the study: http://ozreport.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25243 Analysis and lesson from Enio's accident.
  • Brian Milton  extends his flight!   News point contributed by HG historian Neil Larson:
  • Tony Prentice gives lift to a fun and interesting project: 
    Human Birdwings
    Building a semi human powered flying device
    by Jarno Smeets
  • http://preview.tinyurl.com/StephanNitschLIFT
  • Ardy confirms:   "It's not a true single surface"  (speaking of the XXLite research offer by OZONE.)      
            Agreed, as a very significant lower surface exists on the airfoil of that wing. Reserving the term "single surface" ...centuries old in aviation culture for actual single-surface wings is helpful.   We trust OZONE to support entrenched aviation nomenclature to shine.   Good observation, Ardy!
    Historical, commercial, safety, design --- cooperation from Team OZONE invited

    Team,                      Sept. 21, 2011

    A huge flow of wings and airfoils that have been considered "single-surface" for centuries is something OZONE could respect by avoiding term "single-surface" for the XXLite which is clearly with double-surface airfoil for a significant percentage of the airfoil's chord. There are actual single-surface paragliders and there will be more. Confusing the two realms by OZONE, because of the status of OZONE will end costing the PG and kiting sectors much energy. With your status comes a responsibility, I feel, to sharpen the package on this matter. We wish you the strongest progress and wins with your R&D for XXLite; it is exciting; and we were glad to forward the notice into several forums. Others might express on this topic better than I have yet. Destruction of the categories is not needed to win. Old and coming developments need the distinction for historical, safety, design, and commerce reasons. Thank you for keeping the game clear. Change at the points of instruction on your good news is still possible; delay brings on costs. It would be fun to just flow without having to pause ever to distinguish the matter when we cover OZONE's neat and kewl progress.

    Great Lift to Team OZONE,
    Joe Faust
    CC: Tech and history group as shown.
    Centuries-old aviation and airfoil culture has a single-surface airfoil sector. Supporting safety, history, clarity, commerce, and opportunity for designing-- form part of the issue. Calling out the clear % of chord that  is double-surface would help. When a woman is a little-bit pregnant, then she is pregnant. The substantial significant double-surface (distinct from the upper surface) of the XXLite brings it into the class of wings have double-surface for a significant amount of its chord. Being with status, we hope OZONE will support the needed clarities. Indeed, traditional single-surface wings and coming actual single-surface wings need the respect also. Safety and encouragement of invention are issues woven in this matter. OZONE has been directly asked to consider getting the clarities up front in the early game; they still have opportunity to be in tune with aviation history, culture, and helpfulness for future design, invention, and commerce.  ~JoeF    Sept. 22, 2011     Posted as reply at Vimeo at video regarding XXLite.
    Simple-Skin-PG explorations  in 1992c by Pere Casellas

    [CC:  Pablo, Ardy, BobK, TonyP, NeilL, Team OZONE, DaveS, DaveL, WayneG, BobT, BobS,    ]


  • Nick Regan  
    • Pinball Wizzard - Nick Regan   video by Kyle Rhatigan   Note: After the HG history first segment is a considerable pinball-interest segment.
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  • http://wright.nasa.gov/airplane/geom.html
  • PPG selection of the month: World's Easiest Powered Paragliding / Paramotor / Paraglider/ Paramotoring Equipment!! Flat Top!!!
  • PDMC Reserve  
    Sep 22
    - Driven by the high taxpayer cost of search party and helicopter rescues, the
    Veneto Region of Italy enacted legislation on September 6 to fine seriously injured high-risk sports participants up to 700 euros for air/ground intervention. However, following complaints that the service is being increasingly abused, a rescued party judged not seriously injured enough to warrant such costly rescue will be fined a maximum of 7,500 euros. (Residents of the Veneto Region will receive a 20% discount.) Rock climbers, skiers, cavers, rafters, mountain bikers, snowmobilers, hang glider pilots and hikers can all thank paraglider pilots for causing this action to become law, driven by countless examples of increasing paragliding carnage such as 30 crashes requiring rescues within seven months -- all within the vicinity of one town, Borso del Grappa. This Plague of Paragliders is not restricted to Italy. Exactly a year ago, a report from Slovenia complained "Already at the end of July we reported that this year the accident statistics for paragliders are quite black. The Mountain Rescue from Tolmin, (one of the most popular places for paragliding in Slovenia), has reported 31 accidents. For comparison, last year only 32 accidents happened during the entire year." European countries with free air-rescue policies have been a magnet for paragliding. But judging from reports I have received through private contacts, there is a growing anger among European search and Rescue organizations toward a widespread lack of responsibility among paraglider pilots. The Veneto Region's action, drafted in part by the mountain rescue service of Belluno, is only the tip of the iceberg. Free emergency rescue services will soon become a thing of the past in many popular European paragliding venues.
    http://www.cometclones.com/mythology2011.htm               ~~Rick Masters


  • In a forum a topic starter wrote strongly about XXLite:
    "no bottom surface!"

    Topic starter wrote that.
    And many posters let that stand, despite a reminder and proof that the statement was unsafely patently false.      There is a substantial and important partial bottom surface to that wing. I just hope no one sees the bottom surface portion and steps to cut out the form that makes that partial bottom surface!
  • Wikipedia intro to "paragliding" on Sept. 30,2012, looks like the article is going to a more neutral POV beyond the narrow commercial parafoil-sellers' POV.  This clip sent in of the introduction.  Discuss.

    Paragliding is the act of flying paragliders for purposes not limited to, but including science, commerce, surveillance, photography, recreation, competition, entertainment, travel, and exercise; a paraglider is a gliding-kite system with its resistive hung or suspended payload being inanimate or live. The tether set or suspension lines from the payload to the wing may number from one to several hundred lines; the wing may be fully limp or highly stiffened; the wing may consist of one or several layers using various aerodynamic schemes not limited to the Rogallo wing parawing, Barish Sailwing [1] single-skin partial second surface, William Allison battened sled [2] and Scott sled, or Jalbert parafoil [3]. Paragliding use scales occur in small model unmanned forms, manned formats, and huge scientific working formats. Recent sport and recreational paragliding has more Domina Jalbert parafoil users, but definitely not exclusively. There are aeronautical engineering and sport definitions of paragliding that have mismatch as private organizations carve out sport and commercial territories; the rich patent systems of the world retain robust opportunities for the paragliding sector of aviation.

    When a paraglider at any scale is coupled with a powered propulsion system that is turned off, then the system remains a paraglider; when the power is turned on for enhancing or negating the glide, then the system is a powered aircraft; this occurs in model and large scientific versions; the sport realm is called powered paragliding (PPG). Paragliders may have passive or active controls at any system size for guiding the system to targets; targets may be ground targets, landing zones, or regions of planetary atmospheres that have sustaining-flight updrafts or thermals. Model and manned sport paragliders may stay flying unpowered up to the limits of endurance of robots or humans controlling the flights, and limits by way of available lifting media currents (artifical or natural). Travel of hundreds of kilometers have been recorded for sport manned paragliding. Methods initiating paragliding flights include at least these: foot-launching, tossing, slinging, towing, dropping, on-board powering, aero towing, towing by friends, deployment from aircraft, deployment from spacecraft, deployment from rockets, self-kiting from fixed or moving anchors, boat towing, or separation from parachute or balloon system.

    The paragliders that are fully limp are more portable than those with highly stiffened parts. Small model paragliders may be tucked into a person's shirt pocket for deployment indoors or outdoors. Manned sport paragliders of the limp-canopy sort are often so bag packed to be carriable by the pilot onto a city passenger bus or small automobile, even as a backpack or rucksack. Generally, the more stiffeners employed in a paraglider, the larger is the tote pack. Larger scientific and industrial paragliders have required trucks for ground transport. The pilot-carriable limp-canopy paraglider for sport paragliding has proven to attract large numbers participants; picture four pilots in a small utility vehicle that also holds their bagged paragliders.

    In the Talk Page of the article we find:

    Serious neglect of "paraglider" categorization and branches

    The paraglider is definitely not just the Jalbert ram-air wing culture; that is one branch of the paraglider; there are firm mechanical branches of paraglider that stream into aviation of its beginning to now that are strictly not Jalbert ram-air parafoiled kite-glider wings. The patent system still streams with the solid non-Jalbert-parafoil paragliders. We do serious injustice in a narrow POV article that serves only one of the branches of paraglider used in aviation; the contemporary manufacturers of the fully-limp Jalbert parafoiled wings have a lot to gain to keep the narrow POV going in this article. David Barish did not use the Jalbert parafoil; rather he used the single-skin partial second surfaced airfoil wing to do free-flight-kite gliding that forms a branch of paragliding. NASA very starkly used framed paragliders for manned and unmanned paragliding. Tony Prentice in 1960 importantly made and used a string-controlled free-flight framed paraglider. The full branch of paragliding that uses the Rogallo Wing parawing paraglider is also definitely not a Jalbert ram-air paraglider. The stream of patents in the world that still use "paraglider" as the proper term for boomed (inflated and sticked) sailed gliders is strongly part of the fertile core of what a paraglider is. Not all hang glider are paragliders, but a very large segment of hang gliders are paragliders. Mechanically, it is rawly recognized by many experts that the string-controlled free-gliding kite system (payload or human body as resistive anchor, tether set, and kite wing)is a parachute-like-glider system, thus para-glider or paraglider; such terms and recognition was in the roots of aviation, teased into existence by the strong influencing book by Woglom in 1800s with "parakites" Parakites by Woglom as the rooting term; just have the anchor be free-falling rather than a moving human hand running or tree swaying. To let the one branch of current manufactures try to wipe out the rich fullness of paragliding for their own purpose of fast sales and profit is to cheat the readers of the world of robust paragliding opportuniy. Editors are invited to fully know and integrate a much more accurate presentation of paragliding than exists in the article of Sept. 2011. One editor in particular keeps carving out his POV that supports the narrow POV about paragliding to the unfortunate neglect of the richer fuller story of paragliding; he uses impolite language in this discussion space to rashly slam some of the other editors as progress evolves. That editor is asked to deal with a neutral stance and quite forcing the article to serve just the narrow Jalbert parafoil commercial sector; that editor seems not to know that both historically and contemporaneously that the limp string-controlled Jalbert wing used for free-flight kite gliding is firmly a sector of hang gliding, a true proper subset of hang gliding, whereas hang gliding encloses some non-paraglider systems. There is much work to be done on this article, if we are going to serve the world's readers with a neutral encyclopedic presentation of paragliding. Joefaust (talk) 15:45, 30 September 2011 (UTC)