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These works are in infancy draft mode. Interested workers are invited.

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 (open provisional)  ISO AWES Technical Committee (ISOAWESTC)

Distinguish standards from certification.
ISO does not perform certification. Certification is performed by external certification bodies.
ISOAWESTC aims to propose standards to ISO for potential acceptance.

"As a practical matter, following ISO initiative norms as well, there should only be one AWE ISO TC at present, and it can handle or spin-off all the categories you list as the need arises ("needs" standard). There is no need for formal standards for futuristic categories that have not even reached proof-of-concept. Premature standards can be worse than no standards. There is a very low need for recreational standards during global crisis (general product liability standards are well established in civil law). A voluntary ISO standard is only meaningful if useful."   DS, Dec. 10, 2012.
  • A first strong focus for "needs standards" :
    • "My personal ISO focus is to work on a narrow utility-scale AWES airspace and land footprint utilization intensity standard (area/volume by unit energy) so that contending architectures can be fairly rated. This manageably precise focus arises from a concern that many current developmental AWES architectures perform poorly in this key parameter, but policy-makers, investors, and broad stakeholders have no metric by which to judge this. Other than this, the maze of FAA FARs and other civil codes seem to cover most AWES technical standards well-enough.   ~DaveS, Dec. 10, 2012
  • An early open effort to define useful AWE ISO standards is underway. We believe transparent industry consensus standards will protect life and property, and define energy-economic performance. They help ensure fair competition for the quality-oriented companies against marketing fraud.
  • In the case of SkySails:
    Sky Sails is in position to define many offshore AWE standards, based on its superior experience. The larger industry peer group would review and approve proposed standards, for a degree of third-party validation.
  • We would try as an industry to make "best-practice" voluntary ISO standards an essential part of utility-scale operations.

    Crafting AWES standards is a long endless job, but we are making a start.     
  • "Beware of getting locked into too many restrictions before the really good AWE answers appear." ~ PhilC   Dec. 2012
  • Though it may be too early in the game to actually define standards, it probably is not too early to be thinking about the standards' process space.   ~ JpF, Dec. 13, 2012.

  • What subcommittees for forming standards?
    • Land-based generators driven by kite systems (onshore groundgen)
      • Utility-scale
        • Airspace {volume) by unit energy
        • Land area by unit energy
        • ?
        • ?
        • ?
        • ?
      • Residential-scale
      • Sport
      • Toy
    • Traction
      • Cargo-ship traction by kite systems
      • Yacht traction by kite systems
      • Kiteboarding sport
      • Kitebuggying sport
      • Long-distance rail transport of goods and materials by traction kiting
      • Ocean-trash cleaning by kite systems
    • Flygen electricity production offshore
      • On traveling manned vessels
      • On barges or buoys, dominantly unmanned autonomous
    • Flygen electricity production onshore
    • Ocean-based generators driven by kite systems
    • Free-flight AWES
      • Kite hang gliders
      • Canopy paragliders
      • Sport RC unmanned
      • Sport manned
      • Transportation, perhaps manned
      • Energy-producing unmanned
    • Cableways by kite systems
      • Local
      • Long-distance
      • Networked aerial lofted highways
    • Aerial Quarters
      • Unmanned architecture
      • Manned spaces
  • Funding purchase of documents for the ISOAWESTC processing?
  • * Members ISOAWESTC?     There will be subcommittees for particular standards, as needed.
    • Agreements among committee members about working in ISOAWESTC ?
    • Secretary and the subcommittees and working groups of the ISOAWESTC ?
    • Chairs?
    • Balloteers?
    • Training by ISO?
  • The private NTS AWE TUV ISO ?  What is being done?  Coordination with the public ISOAWESTC ?   Is DIN of Germany involved?

Let us know you and your interests.
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