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Fast Motion Transfer
Encampment Cross-Validates Leo's "Fast Motion Transfer" Concept

Leo Goldstein has validated the same powerful crosswind AWES mode by numerical modeling as KiteLab Austin has empirically validated in by testing during the current Encampment. We even observed load velocities faster than the sweeping-parafoil by the bowstring-effect.

The only difference is in secondary details:

-Leo envisioned a belt loop drive, but KiteLab Austin employed a single pumped line with elastic return.

-KiteLab Austin also implemented a "Pulley-Filter" (Whipple Tree), to allow control-inputs to bypass power-output.

"Fast Motion Transfer" crosswind methods are a great advance over the common slow-downwind reeling designs, with a superior cycle and load velocity in less airspace, with less mechanical complexity and capital investment.

Congratulations to Leo for his fine intuition and perseverance. This work also validates closely related concepts, like DaveL documented by Joe Hadzicki, which were my introduction to this concept-space.

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