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Richard Miller                                    SSAobit        1925-2004
  • Former editor of Soaring, magazine of Soaring Society of America
  • Bamboo Butterfly, George Uveges, Dockweiler Beach hang gliding site
  • Without Visible Means of Support, 1967, free-flight two-kite coupled set into free-flight; inspired the furthered meditation on the system by Joe Faust, evidenced in Low & Slow and Hang Glider; such tech was later visited for AWE by Joe Faust, Wayne German, Dave Santos, and Dale C. Kramer. The AWECS versions involve full air-only as well as air-water hybrids for energy mining and for travel. Uncontrolled  versions have been flown without energy mining. Hybrids begin to be seen in powerkiting with the "lower-kite" being the complex of human-board. Dale C. Kramer has been planning manned travel with the free coupled-two-kite version using two ultralights or two sailplanes.  Joe Faust is proposing that NASA help develop the technology for effecting the AWECS of such coupled-two-kite flying.
  • Low, Slow, and Out-of-Control  six issues
  • Contract with Joe Faust and Low & Slow
  • Dynamic soaring
  • Guru of the 1960s hang gliding renaissance. His attention brought an interface with Barry Hill Palmer.
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Richard_Miller.jpeg
  • http://www.energykitesystems.net/hgh/t7.html
  • http://www.rogallohanggliders.com/
  • http://www.twitt.org/miller.htm
  • His Conduit Condor flying-wing non-kite hang glider (since no tether, thus not paraglider) was the best performing hang glider at the May 23, 1971, game-changing meet. Otto Lilienthal Hang Glider Meet, May 23, 1971
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