Some AWEsome ways you could participate in AWE
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  1. International with all languages welcome: Share tech in forum AirborneWindEnergy

  2. Italian: Also consider forum KiteGen

  3. Subscribe/support via one of four levels

  4. Expand a term in AWE Glossary with text, illustrations, explanations, comparisons, and links:
    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

  5. Send AWE notes, concepts, sketches, photos, and news  to

  6. Help advance the completeness of the stakeholders list.

  7. Join AWEIA.  

  8. Collaborate with other AWE professionals.

  9. Train or advance your AWECS pilotage:   KitePilotSchool

  10. Join KiteLabGroup

  11. Supply notes about you and your AWE projects.

  12. Have someone in your team grow something in each of ten AWECS scales from free-flight, AWE, nationalAWE, utilityAWE, commercialAWE, residentialAWE, nomadicAWE, sportAWE, toyAWE, miniatureAWE or miniAWE, microAWE.

  13. Master a kite patent and report findings and project in KitePatents.

  14. Solve some AWECS challenge and announce it to the world.

  15. Buy kitricity. Encourage your neighbors to buy kitricity for their home uses.

  16. Publish something that furthers the AWE message.

  17. World kite Museum  

  18. Build and demonstrate a kite system that uses the wind's energy to do some secondary work. The first work is the lifting and moving of the wing. A secondary work or application may follow on the basic first work.

  19. Advertise? your services, products, IP, brand, instruments, programs, pilotage, wants, offers, etc. :  Advertise?

All are invited to advance this file.