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Minesto is a spin-off of the SAAB Group

Minesto Tidal Energy  (video)

Minesto’s CEO Anders Jansson

Magnus Landberg  [Magnus Landberg
Project Manager Wind Power at Saab AB. Founder
Minesto AB 2007 – Present (6 years)
Founder and adjunct member to board of Minesto and inventor of Deep Green]

2014      Underwater Kite-Energy
Underwater kites (paravanes):   (search parvannes also)
Tidal power from slow currents with kite usage
Minesto, a Swedish and UK based company

"Deep Green" is term for the tidal paravane project.

"The second stage uses a generator
to convert kinetic energy into electrical power.

The net result is increased power from a smaller package. The planned normal full size weighs only 7 tons excluding anchoring which gives an energetic payback time of 3 weeks, compared to 8 months for onshore wind."



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    • sspa.se/files/field_page_files/hl_56_2012.pdf

      • "Minesto is now working on the next prototype on a 1:4 scale. It will be installed at sea in the end of 2012 and will be tested over a period of one year. The main focus in these tests will be electricity production. Minesto is pursuing a focused development plan where the goal is to deploy the first full scale prototype
        in 2014, a 3MW Deep Green array in 2015, and increasing to a 10MW array in 2016.   Jan Hallander

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  • Kite tech of air kites will play to advance paravane tech. Fertile ideas can play the other way also.

  • Hybrid air and water systems are part of AWECS. E.g., the air kite towing of a barge that is saturated with water turbines.

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  • Sweeps in the low-velocity current multiplies the energy-harvesting just like we do in air kiting.
     "The method increases the flow velocity into the turbine by 10 times, compared to the actual stream velocity."

  • Safety to fish?

  • Consider an anchored or chute-staid boat. Consider air-kite towing paravane electricity producer.

  • Is the general ocean currents too slow for this?   Explore.

  • Oct 27, 2009 ... underwater-kite-energy-generator. We have seen the kite based energy generator back there in 2008 called Laddermill and I thought that is ...
  • Jan Hallander





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