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March 2011    Lift  
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Lift grows during the month
by contributions from the World Hang Gliding Association community
and others; your notes are welcome.

[ ]A.M. article coming

Great thanks to Larry Dighera, nominated as Commemorative Honorary historian
of the  Original Otto Birthday Party & Universal Hang Glider Meet 
of 23 May 1971.  The 40th anniversary is coming!

Mr.Fox (1)   selection by HG historian Neil Larson          

Founder of US Hawks BobK  is to meet this month in Florida, USA,
 the first historian of the modern renaissance of hang gliding Neil Larson.

A key hang gliding community issue
is being discussed by all comers at HERE.
Where do YOU stand on the issue?

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The first Practical Hang Glider Demonstration/Static Display
has been confirmed.  This walk-around presentation using the
Little Hawk Demo Hang Glider, the first mini-demonstration HG
will be conducted during two class periods on Wednesday afternoon
with expert USHPA Rated Pilot Bob Kuczewski and with
hang gliding's early history consultant Neil Larson.

A verbal agreement and date has been confirmed:
     Wednesday, 9 March, 2011 at noon: class begins at 12:05 PM.
Crestview Senior High School, Crestview, Florida, USA.
     Okaloosa County Unified School Systems.
     Tim Hester, Aviation Engineering Instructor.

Mr. Hester of CHOICE-Aerospace has responded in the most enthusiastic fashion on this short notice. Bob Kuczewski is giving this special presentation during a visit from St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. Some indications from Bob point that this may well be the first of several hang gliding related presentations by him in this area as he has time in his schedule.

*Bob Kuczewski is interested in rekindling the essential spirit of the early development days of modern hang gliding, when the sport was flourishing within the sub-culture of 1970s America. His energy for man-flight sports includes models, sailplanes, paragliders, and hang gliders leading to his involvement as the District 3 Regional Director in what is now known as the USHPA. Bob also founded a flying club Torrey Hawks for hang glider pilots who fly mainly at Torrey Pines Gliderport  in California near San Diego.

We will keep you informed on more details of this unique topic.
~Neil Larson

*Additionally, we note that Bob Kuczewski has a private pilot's license and a bachelor of science degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering. He has given instruction as
both a volunteer (Northrop Grumman's KIDS program) and for pay (Instructional Expert for the City of San Diego School's GATE program).

That's great news. Thanks for setting this up.

I'll send you a short description of the "Little Hawk" glider and some photos as
soon as I get a chance to put it together for the class. Until then, here are a few
previews ...


Click each
to fly
to the large photos.

This first picture compares the size of Little Hawk (foreground) to my full-sized
Falcon (background). The area of Little Hawk is about 65 square feet which is
1/3 the area of my full-sized Falcon 195. This means it can only carry about 1/3
as much weight.

That makes the Little Hawk way too small to fly most normal sized adults (anyone over 70 lbs).

But that's not what Little Hawk was designed for. It was designed as a ground training glider so
people can easily run with it and handle it on the ground. And that's where it shines:

The Little Hawk Glider has a full-sized control bar and all aircraft quality parts. It's just like a real hang glider in every way ... except its wing area. That makes it great for training, outreach, and just having fun.

I look forward to joining your class along with hang gliding pioneer NeilLarson. I think it will be a great experience for the kids ... and myself!!

Thanks for the opportunity...

~ Bob Kuczewski

Little Hawk uplifts aviation minds inside of a classroom!

Follow-up report from Florida*

The short notice Hang Glider Demonstration/Presentation was a success at Crestview High School’s Aviation Engineering classes today Tuesday, March 7, 2011.

After a long drive from the east coast Bob Kuczewski arrived in town along with heavy rains, thunderstorms, gusty winds, power failures.

The presentation went off without a hitch. Little Hawk was deployed inside a classroom for the very first time!

After brief introductions Tim Hester turned the class over to Neil Larson to introduce Bob. The students were given several video short-subject movies on Torrey Pines with Bob in flight and John Heiney, hang gliding “Loop” stunt pilot; then a short Q&A period.

Bob then wrapped up the period allowing one student to “HOOK-IN” and do a hang check inside Little Hawk.

Bob Kuczewski and Neil Larson have been invited to return to Florida and make future HG presentations to two other high schools in Okaloosa County. Bob intends to make Little Hawk accessible to students for ground “runs” when the weather is more agreeable.

*We will send a feature video of the day's presentation as soon as we edit the video down to a modest length.









Report and photos by hang gliding historian
 Neil Larson.

Animation by
Bob Kuczewski.

Towing and releasing arts and science  
... and the line of products and their uses?   No recommendation here. Study the full spectrum of products, experiences, accidents, failure modes, instructions, etc.    And obtain instruction from experts. How will one judge each method and arrangement of devices? What is poor and what is great?   DRAFT ARTICLE HERE. Send in links and notes on topic
Bylaws or Operating Agreements (or any amendments thereto) are maintained by the business entity and are not filed with the California Secretary of State. Requests for copies or information about these documents should be directed to the business entity itself.

  "...and they still fly"                           Barriletes Gigantes

Pre Flight Safety for Hang Gliding - Revision

Posted on You Tube Feb 23, 2011 by  USHPA.   11 minute instruction video
In loving memory of William F. Priday:
  "Bill Priday"
Filmed at
various sites:
Andy Jackson Airpark,
Sylmar Flight Park,
and Dockweiler State Beach Flight Training Park.

Sent in to LIFT by Neil Larson
, USHGA # 24

[ED: Consider a having a "two hang check" rule.]

Tethered Airfoils

The FAI  CIVL view of categories for gliders
[ED: Any organization or individual may define their own view of glider categories.]

 This video has been selected as Neil’s Clip of the Month
-Dune Gooning-
a popular small dune and coastal bluff sport,
which essentially has reached a new state of perfection
perhaps as close or similar to “surfing”
because it demonstrates subtle nuances of pilot control.
Hang Gliding - Dune Gooning 2011, Budgewoi Beach - NSW Australia


Take a stand on an issue at World Hang Gliding Association
yes YOU can!

joining Little Hawk* gaggle:


Following Little Hawk* interesting concept, I have drawn a first idea of the "PetitGNU": 8 m2 standard hang glider without antenna [kingpost]. Short package to 1.5 m, to transport inside the car. Only for ground handling and play in the dunes or grassy slopes...
~ Pere **

Little Hawk™  by Bob Kuczewski in 2010 for a wide-public introduction to hang gliding via a small wing not meant for flight.
**Laboratori d'envol - glider engineering

World Hang Gliding Association has opened membership-number assignment. Donations in bid are open for #1-999 for creating a legal defense fund to move to protect the trademark rights internationally of any business in our hang gliding community that is being damaged by unfair trade practices; right now: SeedWings and SeedWings' deep legacy to all of hang gliding is in focus for protection from a profound onslaught---please report any other challenges; injury to all members of the hang gliding community is being collected in regards to the SeedWings matter (please record and send in description of your injury and damages from the subject trademark abuse; following success for SeedWings, any additional funds collected in donation will be openly spent on voted-upon-by-members projects.  Membership numbers from #1000 upwards will not enter donation bidding, but will be recorded chronologically upon approval of membership application.  Via PayPal send donations to donation@worldhangglidingassociation.org administered by WHGA treasurer Joe Faust.

         Please put in the process note your WHGA number, if you already have one. 
           Else, feel free to place a short note as you donate something.

Please keep us informed about the steps you are taking to build a hang gliding business: instructor, tutor, coach, manufacturer, publication, club, association, parts, communications, site management, weather service, art, etc.
Five minutes ... ghost winch for payout lift: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR7eVjfPhtk

During a testing day for the "E-Lift" electric motor harness (EMH).
Video is slow motion, around half of normal speed !   Note, the vid shows tow, not the EMH.

http://maria.fremlin.de/stagbeetles/andras/flying_aa.html    Propelling wings and also a set of gliding wings?

Sling engine for foot-launch powered hang glider: The hang glider is powered up by using the sling engine; the sling engine is a kite system variously configured. There is not a need for a power winch. One option is to lay line out; then launch the kite wing set and the safety stop-kite system. Have high-safety anchoring and high-quality lines. Have procedure for over-powering response. For second launch: walk down the line to the lift point of the line.  Stay aware of winds aloft; stop kiting when conditions are not fit for full safety.   Attach point may vary. Number of sub-kite systems for bundle tactics may vary. Gather experience data and share with others on this and similar launch-from-flatlands methods.  Have at least two methods to release from the sling engine

Short-line free-flight kiting :: HG (frame-controlled) or PG (line-controlled).


sleddies in silk

Home rooftop: personal e-HG for escape from floods.  The charge for the batteries comes from trickle wind energy.  Fly away from the flood.
Perching ...

HG tasks from 20 m launch in flatland?

HG Launch Ramps

Pages 18 and 19 of the free-flight magazine, "PARAPENTE - VUELO LIBRE", number 81 (March 2011):  Parapente Barretina GnuLab2 (Pere Casellas)    There is a story about the "GNU" Barretina paraglider. This magazine is distributed throughout the Spanish speaking countries in Europe and America. Feature article in Spanish language paper print in March 2011 featured Pere Casellas and his free-to-world paraglider. Full plans.    See the two page feature HERE in PDF format.
Índice revista PARAPENTE nº 81

"Los proyectos del Laboratori no se limitan a los parapentes y entre otros se trabajó en nuevas alas experimentales con el inventor Brett Snellgrove (d.2010), y también colabora con el historiador del vuelo libre, investigador y visionario Joe Faust."                        

Congratulations Pere!
Nice coverage!
I would like to see New York Times  featuring you and your good works for free flight!

Thanks for mentioning my end. Appreciated. Fun. So miss Brett!
In middle school I tied for the 8th grade Spanish language skill award.

I put notice in March Lift about the article. I do not have permission yet to republish image of the two pages. [[Permission granted.]]

Good lift,

March 17, 2011: Historical note by Barry Hill Palmer:

I made no drawings to the Paraplane or Skyhook trikes, nor do I have any drawings of other designs. United States FAA experimental "certification" was obtained through a single 8 1/2 by 11 inch drawing. The "designs" were just piles of numbers, which made for extremely rapid concept, design, build, and fly programs.

I was involved in a commercial operation to design, built and test fly the trikes and the venture capitalist's desire for outside promotion was non-existent, and I liked it that way, but the craft did receive minimal publicity through giving programs to EAA and sailplane (of all things for these powered aircraft) club meetings around the project build and after.

Barry Palmer, for Sevtec

Project: HG that morphs to be a boat upon landing in water.         
Join the project as you might.   Lift@WorldHangGlidingAssociation.org
Motivation: Land in ponds, lakes, oceans, and rivers safely; return to terra firma via the boat format, perhaps sailing.

Wills Wing
VG Leg 3:1 VG Retro Kit.   Released by Steve Pearson on March 1, 2011.   
Net result: 24:1 ease.
03/18/11 News Release  

T2/T2C 24:1 VG System Conversion
The easy-to-pull T2/T2C VG just got even easier!

A new 24:1 VG reduction system is now standard on the T2/T2C, consisting of a 3:1 system in the VG Leg (downtube) and an 8:1 system at the keel. Previously, the T2/T2C had a 2:1 system in the downtube, for a 16:1 reduction overall.

Upgrading an existing 2:1 leg to the new 3:1 system is relatively easy and we have a Retro Kit available for purchase through your Wills Wing dealer.


Don Liddard has a top drawer set of historic hang glider photos. Careful study of each is a LIFT aim.  Here is a start:

large explorer video

lots of Gryphon photos

More attention on Don's streaming gift in LIFT soon.
Comments are  welcome over any of Don's collected images and historic notes.

Revisiting:       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOffCSMfgdQ  Rich Lovelace Hang Gliding  

BungeeBox for self-soar HG launch with line-speed multiplier and bungee cord set: Pilot loads the cords (or load the rubber via use of kite-energy system or other wind turbine) triggers release, and foot-launches with the assist of his or her stored potential energy.  The main tether is very-low-stretch cord. Safety is paramount; have your system checked by a mechanical engineer.
Discussion is invited.

 Étienne-Jules Marey (1830 - 1904)     Discussion is invited.

Rigid wing hang-gliders  in UK durin past 10 yrs:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzVoO1lyu_I

Bob Trampenau this month became officially a member of Torrey Hawks and the US Hawks. 
His pioneering company:  Seedwings serving earth's hang gliding for about 37 years so far.

Members of the HGAA Transition Team and others,

I've been watching the slow decline of the HGAA since
the ousting of myself and Scott Wise. There have been
weeks between posts. The most recent post says:

Title: Hgaas future?
by Theayeinthesky on March 22, 2011

Is this just a flash in the pan

That post has gone unanswered for 5 days now. The
silence itself has become the answer.

I started the HGAA because I recognized the need for an
independent organization to represent hang gliding pilots
and hang gliding interests. That need still exists.

Sure, right now USHPA leadership is doing their best to
be the warm fuzzy association that we all want. But it's
only doing that because it recognized both the HGAA and
the new US Hawks as a threat to their one-party system.
If those organizations don't survive, then USHPA will
surely return to the arrogance of its monopoly. That's
not anyone's fault. It's just what monopolies do - they
grow insensitive to the wishes of their members.

For that reason, I am asking you to come and join us in
the US Hawks Hang Gliding Association (ushawks.org).
We're not very big and only have about 45 members
who are real pilots (we got hit with lots of fake spam
robots). But we're taking the long view of forming a
better national association. We're not in any hurry,
and we don't have any deadlines to meet. Membership
is currently free, and we're just starting to look into
insurance .... and that will take some time. We're
building our organization with a strong relationship
to our Chapters right from the start. Each Chapter
has its own sub forum (if they want it) and that helps
to bring people together both nationally and locally.
I think it's a good model, and I hope you'll come and

Finally, whether you're a Democrat or Republican, I'd
like you to think about what our country would be like
if we only had one party or the other ... even if it was
the party of your choice. If you think about it, even your
own favorite party would quickly become intolerably
corrupt if it were the only game in town. That's the
problem inherent in any monopoly. So even if you are
a big fan of USHPA, I hope you'll see the benefit in
having another national organization to provide a
competitive check and balance. In fact, I think the
US Hawks will end up making USHPA into a better
and more responsive organization. I hope you'll
help make that happen by joining us on the US
Hawks forum (ushawks.org).

Thanks for your time.

Bob Kuczewski


To cancer, March 19, 2011, Arizona hang glider community lost a member of strong service for 15 years: Jerry has been a cornerstone of our club for over 15 years. He served as Treasurer, President, Flight Director, Mentor, and was a dear friend to many throughout his flying career.    Arizona Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AWY6cyBCgA                      Review:   
Jerry Dalen

hgh/ClosedHGAofAmerica.html  The messages are archived.