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KiteMan    aka  "Kite man"  or Kite-man
"Pacific Power first created Kiteman in 1978 as part of a kite safety campaign"

  • PDX KiteMan:

    Portland, Oregon, the coolest city ever, is the home of the "good" KiteMan, a superhero created in 1978 for Pacific Energy to promote kite electrical safety. A series of public video spots contained dialogue such as- KiteMan: Metal kite or wire line? Children in Chorus: Never!

    So it was that an entire generation of Stumptown hipsters imprinted on kites. Wayne German was set on his visionary quest by PDX KiteMan. Portlanders even have a secret KiteMan code to identify themselves around the world; one says "What about frogs?" the correct reply is "I like frogs." Now, with a world in peril, KiteMan is back (Wayne disguised?) in his "crucified" kite form. His cult following grows. A five year quest to find the old video clips continues jubilee will attend the find.

    Analysts at Pacific Energy are eyeing early adoption of Kite Energy, as well as aiding the return of PDX KiteMan. KiteLab began in Portland in the basement of the legendary Clown House.

  • Will there be a new wave of kitemen?   BoxKiteMan, BoxKiteWoman, DeltaKiteMan, DeltaKiteWoman,
  • Will there be new public service tasks for KiteMan?    Want kitricity? Call the KiteMan !!!
  • Distinguish the local field's ....
    He is the kite man! (local hot kite maker or kite pilot) ... "local friendly kiteman"
  • http://tinyurl.com/kitemanGENLINK  General study over the term "kiteman"
  • Also, in Batman comics there is a Kiteman figure
    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kite_Man          DC Comics in 1960.   Charles "Chuck" Brown
    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki?title=Talk:Kite_Man
    • "Charles Brown, Kite-Man, was a two-bit crook who committed crimes and used a hang-glider to get away."
    • "The character first appeared in Batman  vol. 1#133, August 1960."  [ ] Reminds me of teen Prentice 
      • I certainly knew about Batman but did not get the comics or recall the Kite-man character. The comic I did get was the "Eagle" which was more of a magazine with science and engineering items.

        I did try and make a flying "cape" for the Batman type character which had a ram inflated wing. Models were made but sufficient rigidity could not be achieved without struts. The take off was intended to be from a high point with arms outstretched to open the front vents. The skydive wing suits work in the same way but I had a span beyond that of the outstretched arms.

        Clem Sohn and other "birdmen" such as Leo Valentine were of great interest; and I built some models of my own designs which worked as gliders thrown from the balcony of the flats I lived in. I never got into skydiving but many of the early bird men perished in their endevours which probably put me off.      ~ Tony Prentice            June 8, 2011
        ["The Eagle; aimed at young minds of the 1950's (UK)(9 years and above) contains many useful pieces of scientific data as well as good story lines. " Source  The issues at source have not been reviewed yet by Editor, as opening program has yet been found.  [ ]  ]


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