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Hilary Costello


Tether dynamics research

Watch the full video with related content here: http://richannel.org/components--tether-dynamics


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Hilary Costello
Tether Dynamics

Published on Oct 2, 2012   as caption to the video at   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIZr3R5JnEs 

Most Ph.D.s focus on niche topics in a very specific field (see here) and Hilary Costello's research project is no different. Her ongoing PhD looks into the properties of aerodynamic stability of very long tethers for very high balloons or very deep offshore oil and gas platforms underwater. 

Understanding tether dynamics is extremely complex with numerous factors affecting the behaviour of a cable - from the shape and aerodynamics of the tether to the elasticity, bending and torsion of the materials used not to mention the changing wind speed and temperature at heights of up to 20 km. 

Testing the cable dynamics of new tether designs in the real-world is a crucial part of the research process and by modelling and testing cables in isolated sections, it is possible to better understand and model how these may operate together in a larger system.

With limited access to mile-high balloons, Hilary can often be found in the green pastures of Cambridge University flying kites! Join her as she explains her quest to design an aerodynamic, stable tether that will reduce tension and, ultimately, lessen the risk of large-scale failure. 

This film is part of a project funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering to develop the on camera communication skills of engineers across the UK.

Find out more on the Ri Channel: http://www.richannel.org/collections/...


http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/airbornewindenergy/conversations/topics/10284     October 8, 2013

Welcome to Airborne Wind Energy, Hilary, from the AWES Forum (Airborne Wind Energy Systems).

Note that we intentionally design airfoil quasi-tethers to oscillate (in "dynamic stability"), as wind energy harvesters. It is quite hard to fair and stabilize an airborne tether without too much added weight, complexity, and cost. As you note in your video linked below, tether dynamics are quite amazing, and we almost daily experience weird new effects in our quest.

Our top tether dynamicist, Dave Lang finally has some serious competition:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIZr3R5JnEs                     ~Dave Santos           on Oct. 8, 2013

To dos:
  • [ ]  .Ask her when she started kiting.
  • [ ]  .When did her project focus start on the aerodynamic tether
  • [ ]  .Awareness of the various centers at stations
  • [x]  .Stakeholder: her
  • [x]  .Stakeholder: Cambridge University Engineering Department, Churchill College; Richard Shaw; Prof. Hugh Hunt.
  • [ ]  .Line Encyclopedia
  • [ ]   Flip wings   and flip-wing forum
  • [ ]   Skybow rotating tether, a long flip-wing
  • [ ]   The new Faust based-single-line Double-Flip-Wing Tether Kite System and also the based-single-line Triple-Flip-Wing Tether Kite System for air or underwater operations.
  • [ ]   History of streamlined tethers for underwater and atmospheric tethers.
  • [ ]   Files concerning aerodynamic tethers.
  • [ ]   Patents on aerodynamic tethers
  • [ ]   Manufacturing schemes: foam, inflatable, high-count multi-strand in streamline shape, multiple types of strand inclusions (tension, optical, communications, conductive of electricity, conduit for gases, conduit for material transport, conduit for liquid transport, conduit for torsion transport, conduit for transport of people ... all interior of the streamlined tether
  • [ ]   Observations of kite tethers
  • [ ]   Aspects of long tethers: high and low frequency mechanical oscillations, creep, stretch, elastic waves, segmented dynamics, tension, flutter, flip-winging, surface wetness, icing, dust, insect and bird impacts, solar radiation effects, wear, cost, etc.   See files to date.    Link files to this page.
  • [x]   Glossary link.  H, C , T
  • [ ]  KiteEnergy list ?
  • [x]   email sent to trio on Oct. 8, 2013, c/o Prof. Hugh Hunt.  CC: small group.

      Welcome to the world of AWE. You are adding your own sparks to the AWE party. And we notice, applaud, and wish you the best on your projects. We will take it as a privilege to hear from you about your experiences, findings, musings, speculations, conclusions, and all related publications.  You are welcome to post to our tech group.

We have installed you, Richard Shaw, your university and department, Prof. Hugh Hunt ... in our stakeholders page. Please let us know if there are others who are gaining stakes into tether dynamics in your view; thank you.

A kite system is a complex of tether coupled wing sets; the traditional "anchor" can also be considered to be in a wing set. The count of members in the wing sets and in the tether set may vary from low count to high count. And the number of wings in the various wing sets may vary in count from low to high count.  The tether dynamics of long and short tethers is core matter for kite energy systems.  Arches, dome arrays, trains, coteries, etc. bring forward advanced tether challenges.  Your work is seen as part of a very important movement for water and air tether engineering solutions in kite and paravane and hapa renewable-energy sectors.     Your works will be spicing a growing Line Encyclopedia.  Your works will be affecting the interests of Airborne Wind Energy Association international (AWEIA).

We would like to see just how far kite systems may play in projects like the SPICE (S.P.I.C.E. Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering).   We would be interested in how Prof. Hugh Hunt's team evaluated kite and kytoon systems in the approach to the focus on LTA balloons for SPICE.

Best to you and your team members,

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