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World's First Gondola Turbine Array Demo

USWindlabs requested on this forum that KiteLab Ilwaco develop and demonstrate suspended turbine arrays.

The World's First Gondola Turbine Array has been flying for days without mishap at KiteLab's cableway AWE research center. The array dynamics are quite nice; one can even loop the entire array like a jump-rope without fouling. The suspended turbines are built along KiteLab's well established AWE UltraTurbine (TM) pattern, but with a swivel to take wind from any direction.

Phase One is complete and the deliverables are presented below as links.
Phase Two will fly the array on moving cableways from kites.

A video clip:

Detail of the turbines:

Detail of simple detachable gondola turbine hardware:


From: KiteLab Group
Suspended Multi-Turbine Array R & D (Phase One),
FairIP Gigawatt License for LA area.
Amount Due: $50,000 (includes 50% AWEIA discount)

Payment Plan Available.

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