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Vast Aerial Structures Method
based on Ganged Cross-Guyed Mast Clusters

The tallest radio masts are guyed tubular trusses that reach 2000 ft or higher. A super-truss can be made ganging three such masts into a thicker triangle truss by adding structural triangles at the joints. Clustering super trusses in cross-guyed groups creates a vast "artificial terrain" to flexibly hang AWECS style devices by aerial ropeway, crane, and construction elevator methods.

A gigawatt scale wind power installation framework might consist of as little as nine standard masts ganged and clustered into a 2000 ft tall prism 3000 ft to a side. Radiating guy wires would run several thousand feet farther and might also carry WECS. Such a structure could flexibly grow, evolve, and work with terrain. Seasonal/storm forecast wind conditions and load might be dynamically handled. Generators can remain at the surface fed by moving ropeway.

At the currently targeted AWE ceiling (>2000 ft) this approach promises greater airspace utilization, reliability, and safety at lower cost than any competing utility-scale AWE concept.

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