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 Rotating Launch and Land Solution


Hope you are well recovered from AWEC2011 duties. Now to catch up some loose technical ends-

A method to ease the rotating launch/land kiteplane problem is to swing a large (low-drag finned) ballast mass in a wide circle and launch the lightweight kiteplane from that. KiteLab did two small-scale experimental sessions of the idea and found it worked, but transition to wind-lift remained tricky. Filling the kiteplane or mass-container with water-ballast that is then dumped might be useful. Added mass allows the kiteplane to sweep in a far larger circle and reach a far higher altitude before finally unclipping and ending up tethered from the center. The mass element is then retracted and parked. Landing reverses the process for a potential soft-landing of even the largest rigid airframes. The whirling mass mechanism might also be part of a short stroke pumping cycle and also reverse-pump to maintain flight in calm. Construction-crane arms are a partial COTS model for a balanced rotating base. Yes, massive whirling objects are scary ;^)

Also, please ask all those in you know active in modeling stable kite orbits to not forget to consider pilot-kite and looping-wing pairs with stable orbit dynamics that evolved empirically. They should see good performance in simulation and especially given allowance for increased reliability and reduced actuation burden. "Spider" trains on these principles may also show promise in simulation

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