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Aiming: 500 MW flygen by Dutch group

Re: [AWES] Re: Aiming: 500 MW flygen by Dutch group

Re: Dr. Beaujean's Serpentine Generator Ring-

Beaujean gives a nice clue in referring to thin magnet sheets as an enabling basis for his flying generator ring. It does seem that new super magnets in this format really can do a lot more with less mass. Then there is the printed thin-film motor/generator coil technology of KLD Austin. An inflated "monorail and train" pasted with this stuff could work, with non-contact perhaps partly maintained by an air cushion, mag-lev, or even an oil film.

A key requirement is the close bridling of the ring to distribute tension evenly. The wing rotors could use pulley whipple-trees to distribute their "noisy" loads across the "fixed" bridling of the motor/gen-ring. It may be essential to separate the lazy-susan turret structural function from the electrical action, letting the generator elements float with faces suspended parallel to the stress, without having to take the surge forces. Certainly the bridles can be greatly "cleaned up" by a branching design, so that only three main tethers to the ocean surface suffice.

Furling does seem to be an essential function not yet addressed, but it will be. Its worth remembering that Bogey Venlo, BV, is a serious offshore engineering firm, and Dr. Beaujean is a seasoned engineer in offshore sector. Skysails and Makani now face yet another serious gigascale challenge in their offshore AWES conceptual space.

Beaujean's ideas are the sort of problems that a decade or two can solve. Its false logic Doug uses to insist something can't be done if no prototype yet exists; like arguing in 1960 that a Moon Shot would never happen for obvious lack of a working example.

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