AWEIA progress in Nigeria      
Reporting representative team captain:  John Oyebanji 
of  Hardensoft International Limited.      Was first president of the international global reaching AWEIA.    See: Nations  
> See Summary of Initiatives and Prospects.

Potential opportunities for AWE in Nigeria

  • Itoga village rice-field irrigation AirborneWindEnergy
  • Waterways transport
  • Fishing kiting, fishing trolling,
  • Waterways resistance use of kite systems
  • Mobile generator vehicle using AWECS.
  • Using AWECS energy gains to form and store hydrogen.
  • Global business development director for KiteLabGroup
  • Paravanes in waterways
  • KiteLab Group set of tech shares underway.
  • Argungu Fishing Festival     wiki
  • Argungu International Fishing & Cultural Festival    AIFF  in Kebbi state
  • Raise state and event flags by kites.
  • Teams competing keeping a kite up in the air when there is calm. Running around is one event. Another is to manually crank a two-line tensional tower.
  • AWECS methodologies in water: ocean current off SE South Africa is a world class multi gigaWatt opportunity with Airborne Wind Energy Technology. "One can keep the biggest generators & anchors on shore & drag vast trains of drogues in the flow."
  • 12-MAY-2010 to 14-MAY-2010
    Cape Town
    WindPower Africa 2010 Conference  
    Wind Power Africa 2010 is the premier international event on wind energy in Africa hosted by the African Wind Energy Association.

    Wind Power Africa 2010
       Conference and Renewable Energy Exhibition   
    Cape Town, 12-14 May 2010 
    Official Event of the African Wind Energy Association
    Organised by Omega Investment Research
    • Display?  Considering AWE model or moderate demo, perhaps in coordination with others.

  • Oeslner Group
  • Online Students  for Wind/AWE course
    This category of students is not restricted to a geographical location. They will be given access to Bridge-Link course materials/contents online. They will as well interact with their lecturers/tutorial assistants online. However, they will sit for the mid-semester and terminal exams with other categories of students. The various exams would take place in either in Ibadan or Lagos.
Itoga village irrigation opportunity preamble study: 
  • Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria, Africa  Is the spelling: Badagri ??
    "The correct spelling is Badagry and not Badagri."    Wiki.
    Unconfirmed  close geographical coordinates: 6 26' 0" North, 2 56' 0" East
    Google Maps style for coordinates     +6 26' 0", +2 56' 0"
  • GeoHack practice for Badagry
  • WindLift notes, DaveS notes, JohnO notes,
  • Wind profile:
  • Rice field irrigation. 
  • Terracing or not?
  • Points of pumping?
  • Months of need?
  • Source of water?  Heads involved?
  • Water table under field?
  • Rainfall?
  • Irrigation schedule desired? Quantity?  Estimate of total work needed?
  • Set of surrounding airports are to be identified along with wind reporting.
  • Daily changes from Gulf of Guinea influence
  • Rice production systems in Nigeria: a survery
  • Rice cropping calendar for irrigated field
    • Ecology for the opportunity?
    • Cropping schedule?
    • Land preparation?
    • Crop establishment?
    • Weeding?
    • Fertiliser?
    • Bird control?
    • Harvest and post harvest?
  • Altitude of the opportunity field?
  • For the opportunity field, what is the water control system fact?
  • What is the flooding profile?
  • What is the wind history for the months pumping is needed?
  • Energy storage opportunities?
  • Could kites be used in bird scaring?        birdcontrol  For the opportunity field, what is the fact on the bird challenge? Could the AWECS double in purpose: pumping/generating and bird control?
  • When the AWECS is not needed for irrigation, could the same AWECS supply solutions for other near activities?
  • Could the AWECS be off field sending electricity for electric pumps at point of need?
  • Parboiling
  • Rice milling


November 2009  

Africa: AWE Training Camps

The regional AWEIA rep for Africa has spawned the concept of
AWE Training Camps where people can train to handle AWECS. 

So far:

  • KiteLab Group (KG)  AWE mentor Dave Santos with our Africa regional AWEIA rep John Oyebanji are forming the outlines of what could be a movement throughout the world.  Engineers at AWE new starts, technicians who will be handling fielded AWECS, operators, managers, extra-hands, etc. could do well to become skilled with safe arts and skills involved in AWECS.  Hands-on building and flying sport-sized AWECS can be a good preamble to activity in nomadicAWE, residentialAWE, and even commercialAWE and utilityAWE.



opportunistic kite flying, Argungu Fishing Festival,
Irrigation and AWES in Nigeria
  • nigeriacamera: The World Bank is to inject 400 million dollars into irrigation development projects in Nigeria over the next four years.    Noted: Sept. 13, 2012   How might AWES serve Nigerian irriation?
    •   Pump water to reservoirs of low or high head by use of ready AWES that may passively launch and land. Drop the water for irrigating crops; when head is substantial or when excess water is held, let the drop generate electricity to feed village grid or village batteries. [sent]